The FUSED collection Inspired by unique connections to Israel

House of Israel San Diego
House of Israel San Diego

In the heart of San Diego’s Balboa Park nests the tiny Cottage of Israel which showcases Israel’s past and present through its remarkable scientific, humanitarian and cultural achievements. Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world have walked through our exhibits, often departing with something new they have learned about Israel.

Organizations around the world flaunt Israel’s Nobel laureates, its sustainable technological breakthroughs, and the abundance of its innovative start-up companies. Yet, when asked what connects you to Israel  the answer often shifts to a more personal realm of subjective experience that evokes in people a far more meaningful and lasting impression. Wishing to give voice to these expressions, the House of Israel has published a call for artworks that represent that special connection to the land of Israel or/and to its people.

 We were overwhelmed by the diverse
response of Christians, Muslims and Jews from around the world, and thank all artists for sharing their personal perspectives in our FUSED online exhibition. If you wish to be Fused, contact here.

The FUSED collection was curated by Smadar Samson, Curator of House of Israel, San Diego, USA   All Rights Reserved to the Artists ©